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About East TN Realty Group


Why use East Tennessee Realty Group for your real estate transactions?

Because you will save money!  Whether you are a seller or a buyer.


Here’s why!

When East Tennessee Realty Group first opened its doors in 2006, the world-wide web was just beginning to make its mark on the real estate industry.  The company has had its websites since 2006, but back then the majority of buyers still drove up and down Scenic Highway 321 and drove into a real estate office for assistance.


That is no longer the case!  Current statistics show that over 85% of potential buyers now drive up and down the “WWW” internet highway in the convenience of their own homes/offices when shopping for real estate.  Most buyers have actually already previewed many properties prior to ever contacting a real estate agency.


Recognizing this important market shift in the real estate, in 2010 Fran Troxler, owner of East Tennessee Realty Group, redirected the company’s marketing efforts primarily to the internet.  This is a win-win for sellers and buyers.  The sellers’ properties gain maximum advertising exposure to a world-wide buying market, and this same world-wide buying market is able to view these properties online, and many times these buyers are thousands of miles away!


Fran then went a step further by selling her expensive real estate building and taking East Tennessee Realty Group completely virtual.  By this bold action, she was able to drastically reduce the company’s overhead expenses.  This reduction has resulted in major savings to sellers and buyers.  Fran is able to negotiate excellent real estate commissions which can save thousands of dollars for both sellers and buyers.


Whether you have property you want to sell or you want to buy property in the East Tennessee area, be assured you will save money by working with the agents of East Tennessee Realty Group!  Not only that, you will get top real estate expertise and knowledge from any of the company’s highly qualified agents!